Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week

Be aware of Carbon Monoxide Awareness week!

Although the date has passed, anything that highlights the harsh reality of Carbon monoxide and it effects is very important. The awareness of carbon monoxide is still quite low and it is probably because it is not visible. It is often termed the silent killer and this is pretty much spot on.

The problem is more compounded by who it affects the most and this is children. Obviously like smoke inhalation, carbon monoxide depends on how much you intake and your physical size. An appliance that is producing carbon monoxide is definitely not apparent and only with an indicator is it possible to realise that it is leaker.

There is the obvious smell but if you have left the appliance on overnight or there is seepage through a voids or the build-up of gases in voids.

The key to stop carbon monoxide is a regular service of gas appliances. Hopefully the awareness week helps to high light it to consumers and tradesmen alike. So not only can you make sure that you and your customers are adhering to the manufacturers t&c’s by getting the boiler serviced every year, you may just be preventing a terrible accident.

There is also the case that the Carbon monoxide awareness week should raise so extra jobs for installers on just how homeowners keep safe.

Carbon monoxide alarm from NestLuckily here at Compass Plumbing and Heating we now stock the amazing Nest Protect Wired and Battery smoke detectors. These are revolutionising the way we protect our homes as they use technology to combat shortfalls in the existing products.

In existing smoke alarms they only use a high pitched alarm that is not recognised by young children and they generally sleep through an alarm.

Furthermore when there is a fire the lights generally go off and existing products do not have any light the way functionality. This is where the Nest Protect range is just fulfilling everything a smoke detector and actually carbon monoxide alarm should do in the 20th Century.

If you have any enquires about Nest products have a look at our website here

Or just give us a call.

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