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Trade plumbing supplier, Compass launch new website.

Probably the best trade plumbing counter in the whole of London! The trade counter at Dagenham is un-rivalled in offering 10,000 plumbing and heating products at the best prices. It is a huge area, that offers trade plumbers a chance to see the product on show around the trade counter and with the quick pick shelves, plumbers can get the stuff that is forever forgotten on their lists.

The Compass brand has been around for over thirty years and 1,000’s of plumbers over the years have trusted us to have it in stock when they need it.

Trade Plumbing Compass

The launch of a new website is no different and we have spent time making sure that almost all the stock range is listed on the site. It is shown with hi-res images, technical information, downloadable PDF’s and easy purchase options.

The products are for the trade and we know what you want and have tried to replicate this online. Furthermore the Compass Trade Plumbing brand has had a facelift and the strong red livery is still present with a new modern dial as the symbol you can trust. It points in the right direction for you to secure the best price on the best products.

The site has a unique filtering system that allows the navigator to establish exactly what is important. This could be warranty, size, colour, height, length, type and so on, meaning that the process of finding a product is simple and convenient.

We have also worked on the search box to give you an amazing experience displaying not only what you are looking for in an easy image but also offering other similar products based on your search query. With so many products available it is always best to use the search box or the filter system as this means that it takes half the time to find what you are looking for.

If you want to just have a look around then feel free to browse how you like, there are no time limits and you can do it any time of day or night.

The new feature of order online and collect in store is easy and simple and means that we will get it ready for you and then call you when it is all done. So forget waiting around and pricing at the counter, you can have an immediate quote on materials and collect at a time that suit you.

We know we are not perfect so please feedback any issues you experience or things that you cannot find and we will call you back and establish a solution and hopefully make it better for next.

Thanks for being a Compass Trade Plumbing customer!

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