What is the Everflo System-Fit?

What is the Everflo System-Fit?

.Unvented cylinders are not a new concept in the heating and hot water world and now are pretty much replacing the out dated copper cylinders.

The sales of unvented cylinders against copper is increasing every year and with the versatility and range offered in unvented means that copper is becoming redundant . The main reason copper is becoming less attractive is its efficiency and energy rating against stainless steel.

Grundfos Scala 2 Grundfos Scala 2

The unvented cylinder has better ratings, lagging and less heat loss meaning it stays hotter for longer and heats up quicker. There is also the increased range of water booster pumps, like the Grundfos Scala 2 that allows even the houses with poor water main pressure the facility to have an unvented cylinder.

Obviously you are not allowed to boost the incoming mains but with a break tank or a Grundfos Homebooster you can achieve the 20 litres per minute required for an unvented cylinder to work properly.

Moving on to the title of this blog and if you have not fitted one already, the Everflo System-Fit unvented range of cylinders with varying ranges, 180 Litre indirect to 300 Lite Indirect, gives you the installer a fully built, pre-piped ready to go unvented cylinder, which saves time and money.

It saves time because the two 2 ports are prewired and fitted along with the cold water combination valves, bypass, vents and even drain off cocks. Money because it is one component so rather than paying for individual items you can take advantage of our bulk purchasing. The 180 Litre Indirect System-fit is only £610 inc VAT with everything done and ready to go.

It does not include the pump or heating expansion vessel or programmer as we have found that there is a lot more system boilers now being fitted and a lot systems really have a pump already fitted with a heat only. The system-fit is not to be confused with the Pre-Plumb units that we sell as that does come with the pump and programmer and such like.
The System-fit is ideal to be fitted in conjunction with a Nest 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat and Programmer which can offer heating and hot water setting control. It is ideally suited to System boilers but can easily be used with conventional or heat only boilers.

It is a perfect replacement for any Megaflo unit or any other manufacturer like Telford or Albion. So if you have not tried one then get down to Compass Dagenham or check out the Everflo website for more information.

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