Government Promise homes & Businesses

The £320 million Government Promise homes & Businesses to stay warm.

With all headlines you definitely need to read the small print and although there is a big number involved it is definitely in the early stages. The invest in heating in the UK is always welcome as a supplier of central heating and hot water systems Compass Plumbing is ideally placed to benefit from any increased sales.

As always the devil is in the detail and at present this investment is in the consultation stage and the government are looking at the best way to invest the money. If the investigations go well then the development will be in district or micro based PowerStation’s or capture of heat from other sources like landfill sites, so a recycling of heat created as a bi-product of other activities.

So the focus is on not central heating as we know but centrally heated homes drawing from a local sub-station or plant. This means that you will have shared heating and hot water with a street or even town.

This creates fewer emissions as they are centralised and often the generator is using ground source, air source or cheaply obtained heat. The infrastructure is required and homes that have centrally supplied heating or hot water will need a heat exchanger located in their property.

This is all fantastic and part of the bigger picture but in the UK we are actually very advanced on our central heating due to legislation and all boilers sold in the UK being Band A and highly efficient. Furthermore we actually do not aspire to live in flats and see a real value in owning our own homes and being the king of our castle.

In Europe they have a lot more district heating and the infrastructure to support this as it has suited there building programs. In fact in a lot of situations where district heating has been installed councils are in the process of removing the heat exchangers and installing individual boilers as it offers a better maintained product.

The investment in the industry is great if it supports the existing infrastructure and what people actually want but if it does not then it will be another white elephant that we tend to get here in the UK.

The heating of people’s homes is not rocket science and the more we can save energy the better but if systems are installed that cannot be supported properly in the future or the life of that system then all that will happen is people will become despondent and it will actually cost them money.


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