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It is not often that we have seen a product so innovative in the fairly sedentary world of plumbing and heating but the range of Nest Products are completely ground breaking and if you have not used one yet then what are you waiting for.

Nest Products Nest 3rd Gen Learning Thermostat

Here at Compass Plumbing and Heating we have a fussy bunch of customers who demand the best manufacturers and products. We have built a reputation on quality to which our customers demand. This is where the new Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation is just probably the best product to be introduced into our sector for week over thirty years.

There has been a lot of changes over the years with natural draft boilers giving way to powered flue and then more recently condensing but none have been ahead of their time. The Nest range of products are just way more advanced than anything before them or actually on the horizon for heating products. Just the same way that mobile phones over the last few years have exceeded all projections and possibilities the Nest Learning Thermostat could just revolutionise the way we use our heating.

In the last few years there has been an emphasis on saving energy and this has been motivated but increasing costs. So plumbers have been tasked with as usual not only being advocates of educating consumers but also being penalised if they do not fit the right gear. The mindset of the homeowner has changed and they actually want to use less gas, encouraged by expensive fuel, so condensing boilers have proliferated and the use of controls has been adopted.

The increased use of room stats to asses the temperature in the house has been great for reducing unwanted heating but normally the use of both programmer and room stat and thermostatic radiator valves leaves the homeowner feeling a bit bemused.

The Nest Learning Thermostat is totally different and as it name suggests manages the temperature that is comfortable for you by assessing your habits. It also has motion detectors, weather sensors and intelligent operations that make sure it is the smartest stat on the market.It is also aesthetically the nicest looking on the market as well and takes into consideration the feel and way it operates to create that touchy-feely instinct.

To be honest it does not take a lot to beat its competition like Honeywell and Drayton which have been stuck in the dark ages for many years relying on unsightly, unusable controls for decades.The need for change has been long coming and the Nest allows consumers and installers a choice that is good for both. The homeowner gets a beautiful bit of kit that makes you want to touch it, learn and educate and the installer gets an easy to fit, intelligent, quality product that is intuitive to the customer and stops un-wanted callbacks and un-necessary questions.

Become a Nest Pro installer

There is also the chance to become a Nest Pro installer that allows you to get leads and regular work that can become a great side line and jobs you may just not have entertained.

Other Nest Products in the range include, Nest Protect (battery), Nest Stand for the 3rd Gen Learning thermostat and the Nest Cam. Here at Compass Plumbing for trade we keep all these in stock.

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