What is all the fuss about Boiler Plug-in Receivers!

 If you are not familiar with the new trend for boiler plug in receivers and room stats then where have you been?

The increased demand for easier ways to install room stats, which are a requirement when updating a central heating system, has pushed the manufacturers into creating a great system of plug in receivers.

Remote controllers that sense the room temperature feedback the information to a receiver that previously was hard wired to the boiler but now with better technology it can plug straight in.

The market leader and innovator in the market was Salus Tech and they created and expanded the demand with their boiler plug-in receivers that go across various brands.

Boiler manufacturers eventually caught on but their units are expensive and the price often puts the end user off.

So there have been some changes over the last few years and the market dominance of Honeywell and the smaller Drayton controls has been disrupted by the advent of plug in controls as they are far quicker and simpler to use.

Why is this and what is the point of controls?

The boiler brands have done a good job in following the Governments directive in making boilers more efficient and it is now part of ErP to get control of the boiler and make sure that the home is heated correctly and not when not required.

Unfortunately the dominant control manufacturers have been somewhat slow to react in offering what the trade want and this is where Salus have achieved a great number of firsts. The homeowner is not going to pay for an expensive brand of controls as they are often replacing a boiler not out of choice so anything extra is an annoyance.

The fact that Salus are affordable and offer a really simple method to connect to the boiler by using the manufacturers own terminals it is no wonder that they are sold in such quantities over the expensive brands.

There is also major benefits from plugging into the manufacturers interface and this is the reduction in wiring and probabilities of error. All controls connected to a boiler whether it is a motorised valve, cylinder stat or room stat has to wire in to the control panel and they have been doing this since the dawn of controls with success and some failures.

Boiler manufacturers should welcome the use of controls as it makes their product more efficient and in theory makes it last longer because a boiler controlled on a room stat has a more consistent working operation.

Here at Compass we offer a great range of plug in receivers that can be twined with a range of remote controllers or room stats. This means that you can select your favourite boiler manufacturer, the correct plug, whether it be Vaillant, Worcester, Baxi, Potterton or Ideal and then choose the controller that best suits yours or your customers needs.

Worcester Plug in control reciever Vaillant Plug in control reciever
Worcester Plug in control reciever Worcester Plug in control reciever
Baxi Plug in control receiver Baxi / Potterton Plug in control receiver


This means that you get a quick and easier installation and the homeowner or landlord ends up with a better, more cost effective and efficient system.

Come on do not be shy, plug it in!

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