Compression 15mm x 10mm 1 Piece Reducer

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This 15mm x 10mm compression 1 piece reducer from Evolve is designed for use with 15mm compression fittings such as radiator valves, tees, couplers, elbows etc. It works by replacing the olive inside a 15mm compression fitting or radiator valve and reducing it down for use with 10mm pipe.
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Product Questions
Can this Elegance Wave 15mm Black Nickel TRV and Lockshield Twin Pack be used with the 8mm microbore if a compression reducer is used?
Yes the Elegance Wave 15mm Black Nickel TRV and lockshield twin pack has standard 15mm compression nuts and olives for connecting 15mm pipe but by purchasing two of the "Compression 15mm x 8mm 1 Piece Reducer" that we sell, the valves can be converted to be used with 8mm pipe. One reducer is required per valve and is fitted by taking off the 15mm compression nut, taking out the 15mm olive and replacing it with the 15mm x 8mm 1 piece reducer then putting the 15mm compression nut back on but do not tighten until you have inserted the 8mm pipe.
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