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FlushKING Top Press, Dual Flush Valve (1.1/2")

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Replacement flush valve for toilet cisterns that have a push button hole in the cistern lid.

  • Wide range of water level adjustment for full and half  flush

  • Suitable for different tank dimensions

  • Soft activation button

  • Push button rods are 110mm long as standard but can be cut to accomodate cistern height

  • The internal measurement  from the bottom of the cistern to the top of the cistern lid/ countertop needs to be - 333mm MAX or 258mm MIN.

Dimensions - 


  • Flush Valve Height : 193mm

  • Internal Overflow Height: 230mm

  • Width (including internal overflow): 125mm

  • Depth: 80mm

  • Button Flange Width: 50mm

  • Width Of The Underside Of The Button: 40mm



In applications where the 110mm long standard rods are not going to be long enough then we would recommend the Flexi Mount Flush Valves
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