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Galvanised Banding Strap 12mm x 0.7 x 10 Metre

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Galvanised Banding Strap 12mm x 0.7 x 10 metre

Medium duty flexible and strong galvanised steel banding strap which is easy to cut and bend, For joist strutting, frame and sill fixing, fencing repairs, hanging ductwork and other construction applications.

Galvanisation is a process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel in order to prevent rusting. Zinc coatings prevent corrosion of the protected metal by forming a physical barrier, and by acting as a sacrificial anode even if this barrier is damaged.

The banding has pre-punched holes for fixing bolts and screws and galvanised twist nails.

12mm x 0,7 and supplied in 10m rolls in a durable casette.

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